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Monday Madness Game Three - Exchange Bingo
Because life is more fun with games.
Monday Madness Game Three
Welcome to Monday Madness Game Three!


previewMonday Madness Game - The Order

Direct link - http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=2b51548c1333

previewMonday Madness Game - Death Eaters

Direct link - http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=13e8d010c875

How to Play Jigsaw Puzzle Madness

Pick one puzzle. Solve it. (Or, solve both, and then pick one!)

Go to the Severus/Hermione Exchange.

Find TEN entries that feature at least one of the characters in the puzzle. You may use a character more than once (EXCEPT Hermione - she's your one "freebie"), but each review link must be from a different entry (story or art). You

Review those ten entries.

Copy the links to your reviews in the form provided below.

Submit the form as a comment to this entry by 11:59 pm EST (New York, USA) Wednesday, February 20th.

So, fearless players, whose side are you on?

Jigsaw Puzzle Madness Search Forms

(be sure to CRTL-A after clicking inside the box to get the complete form).

We Have Cookies!

We have Tim-Tams (cause Hermione's parents live in Australia and they send them to us by Owl)

If there is more than one correct entry, winner will be determined by random thing picker

The winner of Monday Madness Game Two will be announced on Monday, February 25th ish.

Which Side will win this Epic Battle?

Do you know what a good reviewer looks like?

Llama wasn't sure, until Banana showed her a Favorite Reviewer Nomination:

Ticky Box writes the best reviews. Box always points out favorite quotes, how the story made it feel and points out the little details that make a writer feel appreciated and heard.

Do you know what a favorite reviewer looks like? Don't be shy, go nominate them!

Then Tell Your Friends!

Play Queen of Reviews!

And have lots of Fun!

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