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Mini-Review Round Three - Exchange Bingo
Because life is more fun with games.
Mini-Review Round Three
Mini-Review Round Three Announcement

Welcome to the third Mini-Review round.

This Round covers Exchange entries posted on January 7 through January 18.

To qualify for a Mini-Round Queen of Reviews prize and banner, you must review every entry posted in that period (and review every chapter of multi-chaptered stories) AND turn it in by the due date.

The only exceptions for not reviewing a story are (1) You created the gift in question and feel uncomfortable reviewing it - please cite that reason for the missing link OR (2) If a recipient's story contains any of the following warnings and you have objections to reading it, on those grounds only, you may count that recipient's spot for the Mini Round without reviewing. Please cite your reason and provide a link to the story so that the mods can verify.

Warnings eligible for this exception include: Abortion, adultery, bestiality,cannibalism, drug and/or alcohol abuse, incest, miscarriage, rape (this includes non-consensual (non-con), dubious-consent (dub-con), and the use of any mind-altering potions or spells with the intention to manipulate a person into having sex), severe abuse (including oppression, physical, emotional, sexual, and domestic violence), suicide/self-mutilation, torture or underage sex (according to the age of consent in your country/state).

Then, compile a list of direct links to your reviews, and submit them as two comments to this post by January 20, 11:59 PM EST (New York, USA). Comments will be screened.

To qualify for the Goddess of Reviews prize and banner, you must review every entry posted in the Exchange, using the appropriate form for each time period AND turn it in by the due date (two weeks after Reveals - date TBA).

How to find the direct link to your review in the comments:

Look at your comment box. Directly under your user name is a time stamp.

example: 2010-04-20 02:05 pm (local) (link) ? see the link? Click on that, and your review’s location will be displayed in your browser’s address bar. Cut and paste that info into your review list.

Please use the forms provided below {CRTL-A to select all in box; CRTL-C to copy; CRTL-V to paste in comment(s)}, comments are screened - this will make the verifying process go faster.

And remember to check your submission carefully - you can only submit each review form ONCE (no edits allowed, to be fair to everyone). **We will allow ONE delete in case of accidental keyboard slippage.

You are encouraged to double check your forms against the Mini-Review Rounds Link Tracker before submitting them.

Week One Form

Week Two Form


1. There are two textbox form to submit, for both weeks: you may need to spilt comment due to size (two comments per reviewer). Please DO NOT send review form(s) in a pm or email. It is much easier for us to keep track of responses in one thread. Thank you!

2. If fic entries totaling more than 100k are posted on the Friday before the Review Forms are due, the submission due date will be extended 24 hours per 50k. Example: three stories equaling 110k are posted on September 30. Review Forms will be due Monday, October 3 Midnight EST (New York, USA). Two stories equaling 230k would result in a Wednesday due date, etc. The next Mini Round will still start on the scheduled Monday.

3. The review forms now have a field for house affiliation. This does NOT need to be the one Pootermore assigned to you, but the house you truly feel you belong to, if only in an ironic, cynical, we're playing make-believe and avoiding "grown-up stuff" way, yes?


Good luck and have fun storming the castle!

xoxo Baroness More V Pokey Pants

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